Monday, January 18, 2010

The Making of a Charm Tree

Growing up in the South you see things, things of mystery, odd things, objects hanging here and there, trees, poles, doors and gates seem to attract the weirdest things. Blame it on the hurricanes. Voodoo charms to drive off evil spirits is how I see it. In Hollywood there is a charm tree and it's growing larger and larger.


Stephen said...

I love rouge & outsider art.
Where is this charm tree....on your daily jaunts?

Stephen said...

I am leaving a comment here because I don't seem to have you email address...
good hunting, Mr. K! The photo is by George Platt Lynes, who is, indded, one of my favorite photographers (photographery being a passion). I have 2 big coffee table books of his work... look into him, he was very interesting & very gay. Thanks for reading. I appreciate you.