Wednesday, February 24, 2010


This portrait is of Gary Gibson. Gary is a L.A. based interior designer, artist, and product designer. Busy, yes, I would say so. He has several clients locally and in several different cities, he has a furniture line, he props and buys for his showroom and somehow through all this, he finds time to leave town and  hide out in his studio and paint. Now that's passion! His L.A. showroom studio is located at 7350 Beverly Blvd. If you haven't already been there you need to go, it's like walking into a real artist studio. Vintage and antique one of kind objects are here, there, and everywhere and only the professor can find them, is the look. This showroom is like no other in the city. What is wonderful about this environment is for sure the way it looks, it's that Gary represents artist and several craftsman, all showing their work in this creative place. Go check it out, afterwards don't be surprised if you change your major from business to art.



Leonard Greco said...

it's a true atelier.

Riviera View said...

Looks cool. Sort of like Tim Clarke on a budget.
I'll have to check it out.