Monday, August 30, 2010



I have this thing for front doors.  Here in this part of Hollywood and this is not the rich, fancy, I'm a famous producer part of Hollywood , there are front gates that equally make my thing list, supplying just the right amount of privacy for the not so rich and famous. Here are few around the neighborhood. The big mystery is one of the houses is occupied strangely enough by a very famous actress, which of course will remain nameless. But I'll give you some hints, Jack, Warren, and Steve. Just three hints kids, sorry to make it so hard. The last time I saw her she was pulling out of her driveway in a cream colored vintage Mercedes, she had wide brim straw hat, white gloves, a cream colored coat and the largest round sunglasses you have ever seen. She looked like a million trillion bucks.  I almost wrecked my car.


Monday, August 23, 2010


Letting go of a family house is never easy, I've been there, I know. Even if you hated the house it would not be easy, too many memories good or bad. In the case of this house, this was love. This is my clients' family house  located  in Mattituck, Long Island on the Peconic Bay. As you can see this is an incredible piece of property and house. One could only imagine how hard it was for them to let go of this beautiful magical place. When I look at these photos, vivid memories of my own family house come back to haunt me. I loved my family house. So I state to anyone that has lost something precious, take a look at these photos and remember. I remember fishing, hammocks, water, sunburn, laughing, mosquitoes, turtles, snakes, and family. I remember summer.

All photos taken by JOAN WOZNIAK


Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Here are a few photos of the New York apartment of my niece and her husband. This is just small preview of some of the things we found. We had a marathon three days decorating, buying, and moving you name it, and as you can see we are far from finished. Let me repeat three days, and a heat wave that nearly killed us. I had a blast!  These first two photos are the view from the living room window looking south on 6th Street.

The pictures below are areas of the kitchen and dining room. When you enter the apartment you enter into these two rooms with no windows! Yes, I repeat no windows, so what do you do, paint it a bright color and then, you add more color and when you all finished you add more color, and then you add  mirrors and more mirrors, get my point.  If you'll notice McCoy pottery is here, there, and everywhere, stolen from Uncle Kevin.

My family has a fondness for Painting by Numbers. We only collect the finest art and always by the masters. Taryn's Great Aunt Henri was a master at painting by numbers. I own several of them. Of course we squealed when found them. Although, I'm not sure what Jay did when he saw them.

The big yellow lamp was found the very last day, we were determined  to find something like it in vintage, but no luck. Although fate would have it, I saw a flash of yellow in a store window while flying down the street in a taxi and before you knew it that yellow beauty was on the dining room table. The orange desk lamp is Crate and Barrel priced at below the cost of a cocktail at any Hollywood club and I'm not kidding.

Who could pass up these driftwood bleached chairs at Brooklyn Junk. Each one was $24.99, I swear! In fact that seem to be the magic prize tag all through the store. We were beyond happy.

I ask you, what is New York without geraniums?

Wait you guys this little tour is not finished just yet, YOU MUST visit Stan Williams at Redo Your Rental Let him tell you his side of the story in greater and much more poetic detail. From a early post I talked about meeting Stan and how generous he was with information regarding treasure hunting, well he was kind enough to visit the apartment and photograph some rooms and to highlight some specific items. He has created a wonderful and a very enlighting tour. So please visit him, I think you'll have some fun. Hopefully I will return to see Jay and Taryn in the fall and finish, and we will all live happily ever after.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Today while my car was being serviced, I walked around this funny little part of Hollywood. This peculiar area is hidden and broken up by boulevards, some sound stages, and many  ugly apartment buildings, although it is a little seedy, it has a steadfast charm. So much of the flats of Hollywood look like this, struggling to hang on, while over priced condos fly up into the sky. Although these modest buildings try in vain, to hide away  behind walls and hedges the new Hollywood is coming. Yes, they are funky and seedy but can't we give them credit for their endurance.  The sad truth is, in the not to long future this charm will be gone.