Saturday, November 20, 2010


Dear Bloggers, I think it's time to meet and have some fun! So here is the scoop, I will be hosting tours of the La Cienega Design Quarter starting Saturday, December 4th. This is a open invitation to bloggers and it's free. Sorry kids, after the new year there will be a charge, but don't worry the tickets won't break the bank. This is a great chance to meet other bloggers and to share the very best of the finest showrooms. You will also have the opportunity to met some of the owners and really pick their brains. If you are interested tell your blogger friends, email me, and I will return the email with details.If you have non blogger friends who would like to join there is a small fee, just email me your questions.  The head count is limited, so let me know as soon as you can. The tour will start at 10:30 for coffee, parking is two hours on the street and arrangements are being made for parking permits ( we hope), as well. This is a easy walk and  the tour should be 2 to 3 hours, consisting of 6 to 8 shops, and then you are on your own.  Be sure to take a look at this link and check out the map.   La Cienega Design Quarter : LCDQ-LA     PS. Many people find these shops intimidating and darn right pricey. I find them inspirational and a great way to learn. I hope you do too.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


They say she was a child actor in silent films, I don't know for sure. They also say she shot her second husband three times and when the shots didn't do the trick, she smashed a stone against his forehead. They say he lived, and with her, until his death of natural causes. They say natural causes, indeed. They talk of her as if she is a ghost with no name. I don't know her name and no one else seems to know. They say a car leaves early in morning and returns late at night, a black Mustang they say. There is no weekly gardener, no cleaning lady.

They say the garden was once a showcase  full of exotics like orchids, strange ferns, towering redwoods, and flowers that smelled up the night. I've been told the garden tours were a annual event with gardenias on her shoulder and in her hair. They say she was gracious hostess.

Peacocks, they say  roam the gardens screaming all through the night waking the dead and the neighbors, and the outdoor aviary was occupied with birds from all over the world like China and South American. They say the curtains move.

I see only wild birds now, but I have seen the curtains move and lights in the windows. At Christmas there is a limousine and other cars that come and go. They say she wears furs.

I've been told she walks the garden in a velvet robe some say the color of lavender, others say purple. I've never seen her. I would like to. They say her hair is white and she wears it in a pony tail. I wonder.

They speak of her garden as a loss and a nuisance. Gossip has it the city has spoken to her, although they say she does nothing about it. Something about a past mayor or a judge. Rumor has it it's the third husband, maybe that explains the black Mustang. They say, nay, the driver is to young. I don't know.

The sign at the back gate reads ring bell. They say she never appears.

They say there are no happy endings, only a happy life.

I say there is one in every neighborhood.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Sometimes, if you are lucky, you may walk past a window and look out and to your surprise nature has supplied you with a painting so lovely, so eighteenth century, and so American, it takes your breath away. You have only a few minutes in your vain attempt to capture what the Grand Dame Mother Nature has given you. You think to yourself, God, I hope these turn out. You worry they may be to dark and then, before your eyes across the computer screen, every landscape painting you ever studied in art history has been captured by you and your new little camera, and you are happy.