Wednesday, April 20, 2011


            My curio cabinet no. 3 & 4, Please click to enlarge.


Mlle Paradis said...

dee-lite-ful! what could i offer you that would make that tiara less precious to you by comparison? (i love!)

nice note, thx! i'll check out that place!

Gary said...

Curio cabinets are as fun to peek into as medicine cabinets, lol. Thanks for allowing us view such wonders. In the top picture are those hat pins? If not what type of adornment are they, their spectacular. – G

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

This is all such fun. Particularly the way in which we are afforded glimpses, never too much at one time. The idea of a Curio Cabinet is one, we feel, to be copied - an excellent place to display and store miscellaneous treasures.

Thank you for becoming a Follower of our blog.

David Toms said...

I am so loving this series of photographs. I need a urio cabinet and some mood lighting

Hollywood forever, Kevin said...

Thanks you guys for the feed back.

No, Claudia you will never get your hands on my tiara.

Gary, the object in question is a several pieces of jewelry made into a small sculpture. Artist unknown, given to me by a old friend. I as well, love it.

I enjoy having this piece of furniture because I can place all smalls inside and never worry about the cleaning lady quiting.

If anyone of you, are like me, picking up junk along the way, plus aquiring family heirlooms do yourself a favor get a curio cabinet.

corner curio cabinet said...

This is such fun.