Sunday, September 25, 2011



I found something for my livingroom, what do you think?



Al said...

I think it will fit in well with your mix of eclectic things. Have fun deciding where to place it.

Gary said...


What a great video, even though I found myself think “slow down”, “stop, stop”. There were a couple of lamps in the beginning I wanted to look at, seriously. And just what recipe were they trying out? Anyway, the chain link pillar candleholder is great, so you did get it? Can’t wait to see it in residence. And just for curiosity sake, what is the name of the flea market or is it just one of those neighborhood markets, anyway it looks like a great place. – gary

Parnassus said...

Great drama--an extremely long take with a couple of fake-outs (the beads-basket crafty things, then the ceramic doll/figurine) before zeroing in on the real find. My sister has a pair almost like those, except with a wooden base, and she loves them.

Mark D. Ruffner said...

I enjoyed the way you zeroed in on the find, and I think it will be a great addition to your house!

Look at my September 29th posting, Kevin, and you'll see my find of the year.

jeanette from everton terrace said...

Ha, I was just searching out San Diego flea markets for an upcoming trip and then came over here to find even more flea market goodness. Like Gary, I wanted to film to stop and pan around so I could "shop". Did you leave with only 1 item? I can never show that much restraint :)

Hollywood forever, Kevin said...

Thanks you guys, I promise I'll slow down next time. I worry if the video's are to long they'll be boring. The name of the flea market is Melrose Trading Post. If I'm in town, I go every Sunday. It's on the corner of Melrose and Fairfax. Small but good.
Welcome Jeanette, Sorry I wish I could give you a lead on San Diego, I just don't know the area. Good luck hunting.

La Dolfina said...

I love it!!!
Was that this past Sunday?
Wish I could go every weekend with you :)
I'll just cherish the one I had!!!