Sunday, February 27, 2011


Reporting from Hollywood. The streets are empty, the helicopters  are roaring overhead, and my car is late. Enjoy!

Saturday, February 19, 2011



On a road called the Loneliest Road in America stood a 80-year-old cottonwood tree covered in shoes. Located outside Middlegate, Nevada this landmark was a man made monument cut down by vandal's with a chainsaw. Just this week, a testament to man's need to give and to create is all but erased from the silhouette of the landscape.
The response to this local tragedy has become so wide spread that it made me stop and think, why this, why such a profound lost, from hundreds on Facebook, to the Governor, from the locals, to the tourist, and even the L.A. times. Full grown men were crying in public, at the location of this fallen tree, for all to see.

Could this overwhelming response be because this tree was for the people, by the people. No corporation sponsored the making of this shoe tree, the tree had never been advertised on television, or sold to us in a glossy magazine.                     
Could this be a civil affair, this shoe tree, and all others forms like it, are man made.
These creators are the designers, the decorators of a shared experience. No one has told them how and what to do. No one told these people they were making art.

Self expression, to design, to decorate has always been with man. He or she never really needs to be told why and what medium to use. People have found there way without sponsors and without commercialization for many many years. Sometimes it's not shoes that motivates them, sometimes the obsession can be anything that's available.  Old electrical conductors, tin cans, bottles, cast off junk, people will always find something that doesn't fit the mold to place there mark, to say I am here!

Personally,  I have had it with high art, high design, sales generated taste, they have it, it must be good, way of thinking. Enough!  Please no more flat surfaces telling me what to buy and where to go. I want to pitch shoes in a tree and know more will come. Sharing the same expression, sharing the same physical gesture of tossing a pair of shoes. Maybe this form of sharing and the loss of, explains the grief, Middlegate, Nevada is feeling.

In Florida there was a expressive man who was so fed up with the junk mail he was receiving he starting stacking all the trash, creating columns in rows through out his garden. All across his property were totems of waste, looking almost tribal in their primitive nature. Why would he do this? Where in his mind did it come from?

In the southern states it's not uncommon to see trees covered in bottles. I've been told placing bottles on trees and bushes originated in Africa and Haiti from the people forced in to slavery and  brought to America. They say the bottles capture evil spirits before they enter the house, keeping the occupants safe and
 away from harm. 

Being from the South myself, I can testify that people take their bottle tree's very seriously. From simple to highly decorative, they all say the same thing, I made this, I created this, simple me, now keep me safe. There is something very ceremonious about the more complicated creations, temple like, sort of a religion in the making.

Many of these bottle creations are a collective of sorts. Neighbours many times drop off pits and pieces of things, it's not uncommon for passer's by to throw things out the window of a car. Knowing good and well where it's going to end up.

On Mustang Island, in the Gulf of Mexico all it takes is one person to combine a found object or two and offer it to the public. This offering has become a custom over the years, it's never really talked about, just done. One person adds a piece of junk and then another, and another, until a county worker or a storm takes it away. The people know it's temporary but for a brief moment they are part of a group, a group of strangers leaving their mark. 

So to all the people that have pitched a pair of shoes up a tree, and to all the people who share creatively, and think outside the box. I salute you! To you unsung designers and decorators, you artist's of unknown origins, thank you, the people of Middlegate, Nevada, miss you.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Do you remember my new house, well I finally got it placed and it looks just as old and run down as the big house. Do you think I'll ever have nice pretty house, all clean and tidy, with no cracks or leaks, I don't think so. Where would the spiders live and the coons and that big black crow that circles over head. Black crow corner, just seems to be my station, on my street, with my new addition.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tuesday, February 1, 2011



Do you guys remember Taryn and Jays' East Village apartment?

Well guess who just moved in.

Everybody meet, Miss. Maeve Lemery

ps. I swore, I would never show  pictures on my blog of
kittens, puppies, butterflies, and babies, well, I guess I'm just a big softy!