Tuesday, June 19, 2012


To all you good people, I've missed you greatly. Life has become hectic, crazy, and darn right out of control. Hopefully all for good reason. If you are wondering or worrying, don't, I shall return. Just in case I've mentioned anything in the past some contracts were sighed today, the house shot, filming started, all which may go nowhere or everywhere, we shall see. My lips are sealed as yours should be my sweets! Until then, Hollywood forever, Kevin

So this is the deal, the above post was written two months ago and never sent. Why, because I didn't know what to say and how to say it without me sounding like a big idiot. The reality is that my partner has been filming a show on Bravo. Yes a reality show, it's his show and my part is strictly the First Lady. It's been crazy fun. Unfortunately, I can not say a word about it, so don't ask. I mean it, I can't say a word about it right now. Although I can say it is listed on the Bravo's new line up as a working title called LA Shrinks and its been a blast. So there you go, I've told ya'll. When I know more I promise to tell all. Starting today, I am a blogger again and a follower. I have missed each and everyone of you more than you will ever know. Kevin
ps. Due to confidential agreements, if you know any facts regarding this show please don't state them in a comment. I will be placed in boiling water if you do. Thanks I want to live.