Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday, July 23, 2012


Look who got a iPad. and look who's playing with the camera!

Thursday, July 12, 2012


So there I was in the Valley looking for a fabric store. Sweating and searching, I was. Trying to find some place local near my new job. Well......

now, I have nothing against the Valley, some of my best friends are in hiding there, as well as my new client. I'm not a snob I swear ( well not a big one ). Anyway back to my fabric store issue. I was told by a women (  I think it was plot ) at  a previous fabric store to check out a place called....


Stern's Drapery and Fabric. What a crazy place this was. You are actually looking at the aisles and I'm not kidding. There was so much fabric and so thrown around I actually got vertigo. The dust was overwhelming and the chaos made me want to run .......


but, who could find the front door. I felt like a prisoner stuck in the Valley, never to be seen again.  So I thought, find some fabric Kevin you came all this way, for God's sake!

 I did finally find some fabric, which was fabulous looking and well below any price I've ever seen. I just
 needed to overcome my fear of the hoarder virus which I've been told can be airborne. The above photo is the owners office where he explained he had been in mourning over the death of his cat ( I know what you thinking ) and just didn't feel like cleaning up.  He took my money and I .....

ran and you know what, I'm going back. Why, you ask, because I learned a great lesson today. I stepped into chaos and came out with no flea bites and a great new fabric source.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012



Dear David and Russell,
Why did I not know about this book? We talk all the time and yet there was no mention of this.  I must say this is so typical of your humble ways. Me being the show off and here you guys are with photos of your beautiful house in this outstanding book. Wow! and what a book it is. What a treat it was to receive such a gift. Thank you and Russell thank you for letting David give us (we know how lucky we are) one of his pieces. We are thrilled. David, this piece has so much mystery, so much history, and one hell of a narrative. My kind of art!
Fondly and sincerely,
Kevin and Greg


David Lackey 2012