Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Once upon a time there was a little old run down house covered in sadness and grief. Nobody wanted her. She sat sealed up, with her iron bars and her old carpet waiting to be discovered. Then one fine day, two gentlemen walked across her threshold, opened the curtains and something only they could hear, the old run down house screamed  BUY ME, DAMN IT !!!!!!! .

Actually, it was more like, the not so gentlemen were probably fighting and were so sick at looking at houses they wanted to scream and of course lets not forget the price of the old run down house.

So here we are 8 years later giving thanks to a group of very talented and wonderful people from FLEA MARKET STYLE magazine who showcased the old girl like she has never been seen before. The old run down house is very happy now.

Thank you KI NASSAUER a million times over for giving me the chance to scare a large portion of America with my doll heads and VANESSA BRITTING, thank you for being so helpful, knowing all along I might give you my cold.

 To EDMUND BARR who photographed the hell out of our house and made it beautiful and your wonderful assistant DILEAN JIMENEZ, thank you.

 And you! STACEY WILLEY you are a dream maker star art director and CHRISTINE HOFMANN BOURQUE thank you for your patience and focus and making sure everything was right. When we do meet, kisses are in store.

 And last, but definitely not least,  CINDY PITZER, a gifted writer, an old, old friend, and the best partner in crime, a sincere thank you for making my crazy words and quotes appear as if they were written in stone.

So now all you good people, go buy the magazine!!!!!!!!!!!