Tuesday, January 15, 2013



I have a problem I can't throw anything away! Yes, it's true, after the holidays when the mantel is stripped of all the succulent cuttings I just can't throw them out. I just can't! Please come by and get them. All the jade is still blooming (which by the way blooms all December and January) and it's all sitting out front on the driveway, just drive by. It's all yours, Kev


Raina Cox said...

Poops - I wished I lived in LA.

Of course, I'd be in your driveway all the time just generally being a pest. ;)

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

I didn't know it would bloom...send it my way!!!! Ha! My jade that you sent me is doing nicely by the way. I'll probably repot it again this summer. It keeps needing a bigger and bigger pot.

Divine Theatre said...

I have the same problem...but mine stayed on the mantel! Why throw a perfectly good plant in the compost?



La Dolfina said...

I'm on my way :)
(I wish...)

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

You sound like my husband. He has a hard time throwing away all the Christmas greenery too. We still have our evergreen wreaths hung on all our windows. Of course today with all the snow that we had they look lovely.

Kathy said...

K...I'll make you a deal...you keep the cuttings, I want the signed concrete stepping stones....where are they? k