Saturday, February 16, 2013


Breakfast in the atrium and then we are off on foot to the Museo Nacional De Antropologia.

Here's sweet Hector cleaning up the mess the sloppy two Americana's made.

Hotel  De Geneve in the beginning.


Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Love seeing your vacation. Most of the time my favorite thing about a vacation is the place I stay. If I don't get to stay in a wonderful old place...I don't have fun. I love a big old hotel! Thanks for sharing.

Dandy said...

frida kahlo's house in the suburbs is great, too. we hired a car for the day to go. her painted diary is on exhibit. wonderful house!

Laurent said...

Who knew you were back? Caught this out of the corner of my eye at Daniel Shigo's "la vie int.." And why wasn't I told?


Kathy said...

The "tile work" in the first pic ...the "everything" in the second...and love that you shared the history pics. SO jealous K...cold and windy down here on the redneck riviera. Enjoy!...then report ;) k

Mick said...

My eyes are JUST about to pop out of their sockets! So wonderfully rich and grand!